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Round out your property’s complete exterior look with custom metal fencing to coordinate with your railings. For homeowners who want to make a classy and distinctive statement, a decorative metal fence provides an effective and attractive way to do so. In addition to providing a stunning method of defining your property lines, this type of metal fence also offers you the unsurpassed security and strength of steel or aluminum. Decorative metal fencing offers you the gorgeous and breathtaking look of wrought iron without the costly and time-consuming maintenance involved with traditional wrought-iron fencing.

Decorative metal fences are strong, secure and worry-free too!

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Customizable Metal Fences

In order to provide an attractive perimeter to your yard, decorative metal fencing is designed to follow the natural contours of your yard to allow for a seamless look as well as a trouble free installation. With installation possible in terrain that varies as much as 28 degrees from one point to another, this type of fencing provides an attractive option for your backyard, driveway, woods line, pool enclosure, dog pen, parking lot, recreation area and much more.

Worry-Free Maintenance

Unlike other types of metal fencing, a galvanized metal or aluminum fence does not rust. Due to its installation being undertaken in a series of panels, repair and maintenance is made easy. If a section of fence is damaged, the repair is as simple as Custom Railing Solutions Inc. removing the damaged panels and replacing them with new ones. This process is simple and easy, and does not involve great deal of time, nor will you have to worry about painting or even sanding it.

Pool Fences Provide Peace of Mind

Custom Railing Solutions specializes in pool fencing, always meeting code and safety requirements.

A swimming pool fence is a decorative accessory for your home or commercial property that also provides a great deal of peace of mind and safety. Available in a range of different materials and designs, a pool fence can add a great deal of beauty and style to the exterior of your property. In addition to bringing you peace of mind so that pets and children stay safe around your pool, having a professionally installed swimming pool fence adds value to your property — an important consideration if you plan to sell it at some point in the future.

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