Marlyn Development approached us to build and install the Swirly Rail early in 2018

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The rail was one continuous run from bottom to top with several turns between. Accuracy in design and fabrication was essential to a successful install — a mistake at any point was going to translate to every other section of the railing.

We decided to use doubled posts to provide the shop with a means of adjustment during fabrication. While back posts on the steps were fixed in position, the posts in front were allowed to move forward or back to ensure a good fit for the panels while maintaining minimum clearances to satisfy building codes.

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Elements such as these fixed size panels made the design of this rail extremely difficult.

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The flat black powder coated finish was a perfect fit for the main lobby of the facility.

Even though the rails were built and all but the two bottom steps rails were painted, we still lacked a final, critical dimension to complete the build. Large projects such as this one are incredibly difficult to keep on schedule, but the folks Marlyn Development are experts at bringing them to completion; this one was a full two weeks ahead and the only delay so far was the flooring at the main lobby.

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Commercial building codes require specific heights for guardrails and grab rails.

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Grab rails are required to be continuous and at specific heights — this gooseneck at the bottom corner field-fit so perfectly that no one saw the splice until it was pointed out.

With only a few days left before a final inspection was scheduled, we received the call; the lobby floor was finished and we could get our final dimension. Two days later, we arrived with the rails and by late afternoon the building inspector had made his way to the lobby where we were working. Normally, we would take a rail like this to site as a frame without the panels for a test fitting. Since this job was nearly three hours away, a test fit wasn’t practical. We had to be right on everything.

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The rail, being built from steel, was heavy and needed four guys to haul it upstairs.

In the end, the rails fit great, the inspection was a success and everyone was happy with the final results. Now, when anyone walks into the facility’s main lobby, they are greeted by a work of functional art. CRS’s team came together on this project and excelled in every aspect.

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A custom rail like this one was not the result of one person’s labors. It took a team to tackle this project. CRS really came together and everyone involved did a phenomenal job. When CRS goes to work for you; what you get is a dedicated team of railing experts that pool years of experience and knowledge into each of our projects — Oh, and you get final products like our Swirly Rails.