The Beach Castle Rail

Larry with All-In Construction was great to work with. They are as particular about the final outcome of a job as we at CRS are. We went through several iterations of design before we settled on a simple picketed rail with a wood cap and sweeping grab rails.

indoor railings

The upper tread is set inside the landing while the lower tread grows in width.

We powdercoated the rails in a metallic silver color that worked well with the rest of the home’s colors. We even custom fabricated some round foot plates to bolt-down the posts at the bottom.


The unusual situation was resolved by sweeping the grab rails in a curve and connecting them at the uppermost post.

entryway railings

Limited space and a desire to open up the pathway between the rails meant our only option was to keep the grab rails tight and start turning them out as soon as they cleared the bottom posts.

The Beach Castle rail seems like a simple design at first glance. Several elements had to come together to ensure a good fit. Mounting it to a trim board that turned 90 degree corners meant our measurements had to be spot on because deviations, even the smallest, would have shown at the edges of the trim board. It was important to build as much field adjustment into the rail as possible.

metal railings

Even though the rail is rather long, ensuring connections to underlying framing members resulted in a very solid feeling rail.

At CRS, we build beautiful and functional pieces of art, but we never lose focus of what it is we really do — protect people from falls. Railing, whether interior or exterior, is often the focal point of architecture. While beams and framing hide within walls to provide structural stability and drywall or siding are only pleasant to look at, rails must encompass both form and function.

seperating railings

The Beach Castle Rail was a pleasure to work on and All-In was great to work with. Interior rails really give our guys at CRS a chance to stretch their creative abilities.